Who says entertainment has to be advertised by television, newspapers or posters? Why shouldn't one be directly marketed?

Well this one is. And you can join in.

Television is expensive, so are newspaper advertisements. And who reads posters and actually remembers?

Forget that old system! Has it EVER worked? Not without extraordinary expense and effort!

Posters...... no one reads...... or remembers
Tickets...... no one buys...... without a fight
Book Early... no one does... except for rock concerts

Use the old systems, and here are some excuses you might get to hear:

  • I forgot it was on
  • The babysitter was ill
  • Something came up
  • I hear it was good so put me down for a table NEXT TIME!
  • Get him back and we'll get a crowd. We didn't know how good he was!
  • Damn have I missed it? I really wanted to see that!

But if a friend recommends something, chances are you will move on their suggestion.

If we sent out a batch of gold invitations to your friends and you were in a position to enthuse to them for a day or so, we'll generate a larger audience with lower overheads, and we'll ALL make money...

Keep reading this site. There's money here. Easy money! Fun money! Read on to find out how to market Jack's show.