Jack: as a little boy I used to sit on the porch next door playing old 78 records.

It was then I discovered that the B-sides of those records had the most wonderful jokey, novelty songs. These were songs the musicians had fun with, yet it was the A side that sold. The freshness of these B-sides has an appeal to young and old, but the songs, it seems, are never heard.

To this material I added my 40 years theatre experience to make up an intimate revue that combines the nostalgic quality with the freshness of the material.

Regardless of the age of any individual audience member, whether footballer or 'retired', the material chosen for the particular performance will seem tailor-made. Everything will be smart and up to the minute.

The show involves the audience by revealing and including the identity of each person. The result is that what looks like a show becomes more and more like a party till the party swallows the whole show! The spirit, the camaraderie of the evening is something in which I take much pleasure, and I am there with the audience all the way!

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