Q. What age group is the show suitable for?

Every age from drinking age ... the musicians chosen for that performance will play music for dancing perfectly suitable for those attending, young, old, whatever ...

Q. What is the time frame to present a successful event?

A. Not more than eight days!! (Include one weekend). They get their invitations on Thursday, and they talk to their friends over the weekend, and they book the day before the event.

Q. So how come it's so simple, and why doesn't everybody do it this way?

A. Beats me. I guess everyone forgets the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Everyone tries to get people to BOOK EARLY! (No one does!)

Q. So what happens before then to advertise it?

A. Amazingly nothing. IF YOU TELL ANYONE ANYTHING BEFORE THEN THE MARKETING WILL NOT WORK! Spontaneous events are best! Keeping quiet about the upcoming event is VITAL!

Q. Why do some people get invitations and not others?

A. Because we show you WHO to send the invitations to. We'll e-mail you the recipe for the invitation list.


Q. What kind of show is it?

A. A seemingly improvised variety show, using everyone by name in the audience. Brilliant. Jack introduces the show and involves everyone in getting show on the road, in the meantime creating every kind of cabaret act needed to produce a variety show with a difference

Q. How long is the show?

A. It starts at 8.30pm after one hours party drinks, (while Jack memorises the audience names) and finishes some time after 11pm.

Q. When do we pay?

A. During the show. Extracting the money from people in advance is HARD WORK! (Don't worry, it's all part of the show!)

Q. How many people can we bring?

A. Heaps! Try to win the cash prize, but don't join up with another group!

Q. How do we win the money?

A. Bring as many folks as possible, on YOUR invitation!

Can we join our groups together?

A. Absolutely not. The invitations have got a man-size job to do, and if you follow our recipe for choosing the recipients the whole action is DYNAMITE!