Whether you are a...

  • Social/Sporting Club
  • Seminar
  • Corporation or
  • Individual

Please read the instructions below, for a guaranteed success, and email us your needs and intentions.

1.Find out how good the event actually is.

(See review)

Do this by ringing or contacting our most recent hosts. We will provide them either on the review page, or by email for you.

Please keep in mind the local time of the number we give you so that you don't inconvenience them. (When your night is over we will ask you to pass on the information to the next host/Club/organisation).

2.When you have chosen a venue, allow us to contact them.

We arrange the function in detail with them, by email or however possible.

3.Email a list to us of folks that you think deserve an invitation, folks that you think would each bring a large group of friends.

We have a recipe for choosing these names. We'll give it to you by email.

4.We will write, pack and send a parcel of invitations, perfectly prepared, and stamped for you to post locally.

5.Be enthusiastic now, and not before, the invitations have been received.

Eight days is the maximum we allow for an effective response.

6.The invitees will ring an arranged telephone number, (arranged by us) to respond to the invitation.

This will happen LATE..... not EARLY.

Throughout this week we will keep in touch with you be email to fine tune the promotion. We will arrive a few days ahead and visit the venue and spend time with you.

7.On the night, stay by us and greet the guests. The rest is a doddle. No one buys a ticket in advance.

(Don't worry we know what we are doing....) It's great fun, you'll see. Previous hosts will confirm to you how we do this. It is most ingenious. You are paid in cash during the show as per our written agreement.

And so, on we go around the world!