Join the marketing of the World Tour of Jack Potter and Friends, and we will pay you for your help!

Bring your community together, young and old. We're looking for people or clubs in your community that would like to be the catalyst to market a night of dazzling entertainment.

Jack Potter and friends is:
  • a unique, intimate musical/comedy revue,
  • it's intimate and friendly - Jack remembers EVERY audience member's name!
  • it's marketed by invitation,
  • coordinated by e-mail, and
  • promoted by snail mail, by Jack, as he travels the world with the show!
Check out more about the concept.

When you see how he does it, you'll want to use it because it works! And you don't have to be a performer, just popular.

So read on, and find out how you can give your friends a great night out by hosting a fun social event and make money from it!

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